Friday, 30 November 2012

Response 1: A cold night at sea

Captain Ed Smith paced the deck, peering out to sea. It was a calm, clear night yet the moon was not in sight, just the reflection of the stars mirrored on the black icy waters. Many of the passengers had retired to their cabins. He loved the night shifts. The ship was quieter now, just the sound of the engines punctuated the silence filling him with pride. He’d captained many fine vessels over the years but none better than this beauty making her maiden voyage.

He glanced at his watch. If they continued sailing at this speed, they’d arrive a few hours ahead of schedule. Radio chatter warned about slowing down for potential icebergs but that’s what the lookouts were for. Besides, the ship was state of the art, unsinkable. What could go wrong? Time to hit the sack he thought as he left the bridge for the final time.

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  1. Winner! I like how we are left to guess just what went wrong on this voyage