Friday, 23 November 2012

Response 1: Her name was Lola

Rolling my stocking over my knee, and pouting my rouged lips excitement for the night ahead took over me. This was always my favourite part, I could spend hours getting ready, choosing an outfit and fixing my hair.
I looked over in nostalgia at the family photo hanging on the bedroom wall. The typical conventional family it would seem. Should it play on my conscious that I was hiding this from my family? I’ve never really thought that much into it.
Arriving at the bar late as usual, I ran backstage for touch ups. Rolling my dress up a little more, need to give them all something to look at!
“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lola!!”
Taking to the stage I looked out into the audience, this was where I could truly express myself. A voice from the crowd grinded my excitement to a halt.

1 comment:

  1. A lovely tale and a great twist at the end. Well done, this week's WINNER!