Friday, 30 November 2012

Response 2: For queen and country

My story began earlier today.  I’d receive instructions from HQ, full of peril and intrigue - my kind of assignment.

I flew into Moscow, landing in the dark.  The cold wind nipped at my face, bring back memories of previous visits.

Finally, he was on the move.  I followed at a safe distance, the heavy snow shrouding him like a veil.

Hearing a shout on the bridge I started to pick up speed.  As I saw the gun flash, I broke into a sprint.

He stood over her, gun pointed, ready to make his coup de grâce.  Her eyes pleaded with me to help her…oh what the hell, lowering my shoulder I tackled him.  We both went over the side, my arms wrapped around my target like a pair of long lost lovers.  I braced to hit the freezing water.

George! GEORGE! Wake up, your parents will be here soon!

1 comment:

  1. No exciting story, pity this was a dream for George!