Friday, 9 November 2012

Response 2: Old, me?

“You’re going grey lad…”.
“And what?” I retorted. My defensive tone surprised me. I don’t care about some follicle frosting. Grey hair wasn’t exactly news to me. I’d been spotting them in the bathroom mirror for months. Anyway my girlfriend told me it gave me distinction and added sexiness. Yeah, ‘I am sexy’ I thought as I leant back producing a sharp crack of the back.
“Oh! Joints creaking too…” he added.
I zoned out. My back was aching from football last night. It may take a little longer to recover these days but I’m not passed it yet. I zone back in to hear John talking about some new toy he’d bought for his kids.
“When I was young, I had this…” I paused.
Oh my god, I had said ‘when I was young’. The words had come out of my mouth. It was true. I was getting old.

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  1. Ahh this is the moment we all dread! The realisation we are getting on a bit