Friday, 2 November 2012

Response 4: Stand Up, Tear Down

“We are broken. We are the United Kingdom by name and the divided kingdom by nature. We…”

What a joke! Our political leader was a Cambridge graduate with money and a paid for rage. I actually think the military jacket he’s wearing is Burberry.

“This isn’t action. It’s posturing” I sniggered. The whole room fell silent. I hadn’t planned to verbalize my plans to this crowd but I’d had enough of our designer dictator. I swallowed hard and remembered what my dad taught me. Better a villain than a victim son…

“We are a divided nation. Heck, we’re a divided room! You want to pose and point a finger. I want to act and create a fist. I’ve been a victim of the state since birth and its time the state burned… and I mean that literally people. I think this November 5th we should remember, remember some old plots”

1 comment:

  1. Great story, it's time our politicians took action instead of just talking about it. Although I wouldn't want the type of action this person is talking about!