Friday, 2 November 2012

Response 3: The Guy Fawkes Rap

With the sky all alight,
and the stars out in sight,
you know the time's right,
for Bonfire night!

The weather is freezing cold,
but I have a hot choc to hold,
me, my mates having fun,
consuming a toffee apple done.

As people eagerly wait,
For the kids it’s getting late,
Looking to the sky,
Waiting for something so high

The excited children all sit,
while their sparklers are lit,
to see someone reveal,
the huge catherine wheel.

It whizzes and spins,
and everyone cheers and grins,
as there's no better sight,
than bonfire night!

The bonfire burns,
while people take turns,
to warm their cold fingers,
while the fire still lingers.

Several loud bangs,
there in the sky hangs,
a bouquet of gold,
for all to behold!

The best saved till last,
so grand, loud and fast,
the sky never so bright,
as on Bonfire night!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic rap, well done for making it all rhyme and getting so much in 150 words!