Friday, 23 November 2012

Response 3: How could I tell her?

 My wife Katie had taken our daughters out, everything was set, I’d bought her an eternity ring for our anniversary, the babysitter was arranged the restaurant booked.

As I approached our house I noticed a strange car, the driver got out. “Mr Schofield”? he asked “Yes, who wants to know”? “I’m afraid your wife and daughters have been involved in a serious car accident please come with us”

Here I am in the emergency room and I am falling apart. Our beautiful daughters were dead on arrival. Katie, although conscious is not expected to make it. How do I tell her our babies are dead? “Are Jodie and Maisy ok” Katie asked. I plastered a smile on my face “yes just a few scratches, they can’t wait to see their mummy”. Katie smiled as I slipped the ring on her finger. Minutes later my remaining reason for living also died. 

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  1. Poor Mr Schofield! I'm sure they'll be together for eternity in spirit.