Friday, 9 November 2012

Response 3 How times have changed

When we were young, well how the times have changed, my mum and dad had to share a car, can you imagine? My mobile phone was the size of a house brick and the spice girls were the best thing since sliced bread! Those were the days of the play station 1, Nintendo and dance machines! Playing rallivo and bulldog on the streets with all the kids in the summer holidays until it went dark, knock-a-door run, god we were nightmares! 10p mix ups, and a quarter of… they don’t make sweets like they used to. Sunday roast at the nana’s every week without fail,
Smoking behind the music block at school, All I remember saying is “can’t wait to be old enough to do this and that”
These days all I find myself saying is “what I’d do to be young again, with not a care in the world”

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  1. I can relate to thinking the spice girls were the best thing since slice bread! And when mobile phones were the size of a house brick, great line!