Friday, 30 November 2012

Response 3: What could go wrong?

I’d been in my current job for a year; I knew I was in over my head
I couldn’t understand the terminology, I was making stupid mistakes and actually lost the Company lots of money, after several warnings I was asked to leave and not bother asking for a reference.

I had no choice, I invented a completely fictitious c.v stating that, since leaving college I’d  been working abroad and the Company I’d worked for had closed down.

 I got an interview with a Company selling computer peripherals. It was brilliant I really sold myself and was almost promised the job there and then, I was invited back for another interview with the Human Resources Dept. What could go wrong? I arrived at the Company and was introduced to Mr. Jefferies. How was I to know that he had just taken this job after sacking me from my last one.

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  1. Oh no! I think this is anyone's idea of a nightmare