Friday, 16 November 2012

Response 4: Family and Shabbat dinners

As a young boy I remember my father telling me family is very important David.

Being Jewish I grew up with Shabbat dinners and family.  One of my father’s favourite sayings was ‘If you know where the road is going to lead and you know you shouldn’t be at the end, don’t go down.’  He said this when I brought my first gentile girlfriend home.  But you know what? He was right.  Although Sally was beautiful, both inside and out, she wasn’t close to her family and when you bring children up nothing is more important than family. After all, who else can you trust to baby sit?

I married Helen. All my family love her, almost as much as I do. My parents and Helen’s parents are best friends, we have Shabbat dinner together almost every week.  I am so glad I went to the end of that road.

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  1. Really good just goes to show anything is possible if you believe