Friday, 9 November 2012

Response 4: When we were young

When we were young
We played out until it was dark
No mobiles for us it was such a lark
I gave my friends backies on my chopper bike
And if it was windy we’d go fly a kite

When we were young
No internet, no twitter, not even facebook
My favourite dinner my mother would cook
Can you believe only three channels we had?
And we’d get off the settee to change, was that bad?

When we were young
No tumble dryer, no dishwasher (except for my Dad)
We loved being young, we were never sad
Long hot summers we had every year
‘Remember to stay on the street, my dear!’

When we were young
To the shop we’d go for penny chews, 10p mixes
With so much running we needed our sugar fixes
Pixie boots with leg warmers were essential to wear
Remember playing truth, dare, double dare….

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