Friday, 23 November 2012

Response 5: My darkest secret

As I sit here surrounded by abject luxury I remember when it was so different.  I was living in a hostel after spending all my father’s money.  I guess you could have called me a layabout, a lazy bastard.  But my father had money, money that I wanted and why shouldn’t I have it?  I didn’t want the family or the work but the house, cars and money.

One strike to the back of the head did it.  Everything left to me.  I made sure I left no evidence, I had an alibi.  After selling the house, the cars then pissing the money up the wall and sniffing the rest up my nose.  I ended up with nothing!  Not even a pot to piss in!  Three years I lived like that before I had an epiphany, admit all.  I now have warmth, comfort, three meals a day and no worries.

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  1. A fine tale, well crafted that serves to remind us all to be truly appreciative of what we've got. A close contender for this week's winner, narrowly pipped at the finishing line.