Friday, 9 November 2012

Response 6: When we were young

When we were young…

When we were young the world seemed a simpler place…
·         There was no fear of failure. We had everything to gain and nothing to lose.
·         We weren’t tainted by past experience; there were plenty of first times to savour.
·         We had boundless energy; bed was the last place we wanted to be.
·         We felt we could be anything we wanted; a singer, an actor, an astronaut.
·         We had our whole life ahead of us, a world of possibilities.
It was great being a young ‘un.
What rubbish! When we were young…
·         We were raw, green and naïve with plenty to learn.
·         We were innocent and impressionable so easily led astray.
·         We lacked the patience, persistence and dedication that comes with age.
·         We didn’t always think before we spoke or acted, often causing embarrassment.
·         We thought we knew better. We didn’t!
Youngsters are a work in progress, not the finished article.

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  1. Great story, when we are younger we believe we can be anything until faced with the reality!