Friday, 14 December 2012

Response 1: Guilty

Nobody ever said anything to me about it, they didn’t need to. I sensed their condemnation though, it hung thickly in the air. Voices were lowered whenever I approached, conversations curtailed abruptly. Yes, as far as anyone was concerned this tragedy had its culprit – me.

The inquest took several weeks to return their verdict. A ‘tragic misadventure’ is what they surmised. “It could have happened to anyone” they offered by way of consolation. It didn’t help though.

I knew what they all thought, hell, I agreed with them. It was my idea to break into the construction site. I egged my brother into that storm drain where he got his foot trapped in the grill. And when the downpour started I wasted precious minutes trying to free him rather than running to get help. It was my fault Shane drowned. If only I could turn back time or swap places…

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  1. really tough decision this week this was one of my faves... what a sad story as if he hasnt paid enough with the death of his brother.