Friday, 7 December 2012

Response 1: A shock surprise

A morbid atmosphere filled the room, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Barry’s send-off was under way.
His wife and children struggled to keep it together as Frank Sinatra ‘I did it my way’ was played out to the morning array of faces.
No- one could argue that Barry’s life was half lived, in fact his final hours were spent white water rafting, where Barry met his Watery end.
As the family stood up to read some final words to reflect the life of Barry Cowgill, a slam from the back of the church was heard.
” STOP!”
Gasps filled the church, whilst the priest fainted and fell to the floor.
“Is there a medic?!, we need a medic!”
Chaos and disorder took over the crowd, the Cowgill family stood in shock and amazement.
No surprise, it’s not often a man turns up to his own funeral.

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  1. Poor Bazza. I bet he quite literally found himself up shit creek without a paddle