Friday, 14 December 2012

Response 2: Who sucked the twiglets?

From the 1st December Dad started buying goodies for Christmas.  Nuts, quality street, twiglets, biscuits the list goes on.  He used to say when I say ‘go’ you can start eating, but not before.

The temptation was great, but we resisted, until one year.  I suspect it was Bill.  When Dad finally said ‘go’ it took less than an hour for us all to feel stuffed. The only goody not touched was the twiglets, I thought only Mum liked those.  By 7.30pm we were all bathed and in our 'jamas ready for our carol singing, hot chocolate and to put goodies out for Santa.  Mum had just sat down with a glass of sherry and the twiglets.  Every single twiglet had been sucked! Sat in the tub, a soggy mess.  Of course being the oldest I was accused!  I was sent straight to bed and missed all our Christmas traditions.

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  1. haha i liked this one it made me laugh, i know the feeling being the oldest child and being blamed for everything! Good story well done