Friday, 21 December 2012

Response 3: Christmas in paradise?

Picking up my trusty flint I etch yet another notch into the cave wall. Not much room left, the wall’s covered in clusters of five charting my time in ‘paradise’. By my calculations today is Christmas day and that calls for a party.

Grabbing my makeshift spear, I head for the beach. White powdery sand and crystal clear waters. Paradise to some, home to me for the past two years. I clamber up into the forested cliffs; time to get hunting. I’d seen a congress of boobies nesting in the cliff tops. Not quite a turkey dinner but it’ll have to do. Weeks of practice had honed my spearing skills but it still takes several hours to make my kill.

I head back to the beach, throw my haul on the fire and take my seat opposite Bruno. Bruno’s a hollowed out coconut, my only island companion.

“Merry Christmas Bruno.”

1 comment:

  1. WINNER - Brilliant take on the theme. Christmas isolation with a coconut for a buddy…bet that is better than a lot of Christmas parties in the land.