Friday, 14 December 2012

Response 3: I stand accused

I knew being inconspicuous in a small community would be tough. I knew keeping my head low and committing my life to my daughter and the local church instead of joining in with my neighbor’s follies would ostracize me. I knew it but I never believed it’d be my end.

Two weeks had passed since I accidentally knocked Mrs. Parker on the town square. One week since she confronted me in front of the town and said my herb garden was a plot of potions, my shyness was my hiding of truth and my lack of husband meant a pact with the Devil. Her accompanying ‘possession’ was unnecessary but effective.

Standing on the cliff edge staring at the frosty waters below, I think about how I ended up here and I cry. I stand accused of witchcraft and know the only proof of my innocence will be my watery death.

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  1. very brave woman willing to die to prove her innocence, love the take on this weeks topic well done .... WINNER!