Friday, 14 December 2012

Response 4: Brotherly love?

My brother and I could not be two more different people.  James the star student, popular, captain of the football team.
Me? I preferred my own company, never was into sports, school was a waste of time.  
He wanted to make me puke when I thought about it.  Mum and Dad loved him so much and just looked at me with disappointment.    They knew that I wouldn’t amount to much.
It seemed so fitting when Dad found a bag of weed that was hidden in the store cupboard.  The look on their face when they sat me down.  It was as if they had been proved right.
I haven’t seen my brother since I got kicked out of the family home.
As I walked out of the house for the last time, I remember the last thing James said to me.    “Thanks for that, can I have my weed back?”

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  1. Aww what i shame i feel really sorry for this person being the black sheep of the family, maybe he is better of without them?! great story :)