Friday, 21 December 2012

Response 4: Same again next year?

It’s that time of year again it’s my works Christmas party, it’s the exact same every year, same people, same place, same everything really but I always enjoy it. We always have carol pottering about making sure there’s enough food on the buffet, Cyril moaning about the music and Andrew still thinking he’s 20 trying to breakdance, I tend to sit back in my chair with a brandy and people watch!
I must have nodded of, everyone has gone home “Andy, Cyril, Carol where are you??” I shouted but no answer. They leave every year without saying goodbye to me, how rude.
“Ernie is shouting those names out again John and it’s that times a year again bless him, do you think I should have a word with him?”
“Kelly he’s mental he’s in an institute it’s what happens just leave him to it, let him enjoy his Christmas party”

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  1. Quite a dark take on the theme. Mix of delight he is happy in himself but sadness as he is obviously had some serious trauma in his life. I feel unhappy now…I need a drink.