Friday, 7 December 2012

Response 5: Going home

“Where to…” the driver’s voice drifted off. Scott knew where he wanted to go but couldn’t find the words. It’d been five years since he’d been home and the thought of returning was filled him with pain.
As the taxi moved, he fumbled for the invite in his bag. It was never intended for his hands but ended up there accompanied with a simple note. ‘Maybe it is time’ it read. It was right but he questioned whether he’d judged wrong. Was today the right day for a surprise visitor?
As Scott entered the room, it fell silent. His mother and sister’s eyes were full of grief but they managed a small smile and ran to greet him. The only person not to react was his father. It was too late to mend that bridge unfortunately. Today was his funeral and Scott would never get to say sorry to him.

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  1. A tragic story that serves to remind us all to seize the moment because tomorrow might just be too late.