Friday, 25 January 2013

Response 2: Last kiss

Walking through the revolving doors, I was greeted with the usual musty smell.  I found this smell to be somewhat haunting.

Friday was the day, Friday 16th February, our anniversary. Lilly wouldn’t know, in fact these days she struggled to know what day it was at all. Her memory was fading, but she was still my Lilly.

As I walked into Lilly’s room, I felt something was different. She looked at peace. The sparkle was back in her eyes.

“Roy, is that you?”

Losing the grip on the tulips I held in my hand, my strength weakened as I fell to the floor in shock.
She was back, the woman I fell in love with. It had been years since she remembered me.

As I leaned in for that last kiss, it took me back to our very first kiss 64 years ago. It was although no time had passed.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, good to see that even relationships have a happy ending.
    Lovely story!