Friday, 18 January 2013

Response 2: This song reminds me of

It’s hard to accept the memories are fading away,
They seem more distant with each passing day.
Struggling to accept that you’re no longer here,
And finding I’m facing my worst fears,
 To lose all the memories I cherish the most
At times I wish I could just see your ghost.

Searching for that feeling at your resting place,
Empty as I stand there it feels like a waste
Looking through photos I’m emptier still
Only through music this feeling distills.
Having your songs on constant replay,
At the time how I loathed Robbie, Rock DJ!

I miss your teapot dance
But I miss you more
Your awkward dance-moves across the kitchen floor

Playing your songs and your back here with me
And for that moment in time from sadness I’m fee

I only hope that I’m making you proud,
Always playing that song that reminds me of you loud!

1 comment:

  1. Kudos for writing in such a difficult format, any poem I attempt always ends up as a limerick! Very well written.