Friday, 11 January 2013

Response 2: A true story of what a police man took down as a statement from a recent offender.

My gob smacked boss could only but listen to what I was saying.  Listen moron your jokes are not that funny, and people pretend to like you! Oh I’m not coming in today” 
Feeling smug then I needed to get moving on completing my list of things to do before the world ends.    
Next Steak and Chips whilst watching the entire 10 series of friends. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t know what happened with Ross and Rachael in the end.   
Bored, I skipped to the last episode, but decided to man up, so was off to the pub. 8 pints down sky diving and India wasn’t going to happen, but a drunken brain wave came to me; I’ve never been to a safari park!
I can vaguely remember climbing into the monkey cage, feeling very tired but thinking it won’t matter as we won’t be here tomorrow

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  1. Love the gradual departure from mundane to bizzare on their to do list. I wonder what the monkey made of it all?