Friday, 25 January 2013

Response 3: All my lasts

As I stepped into the shower I glanced at the clock, 18:00hrs, so this will be my last ever shower.

I had gathered all my family and friends together; I didn’t want to go alone.

All week I had been logging my lasts.  Last book read, last time driving to work, last mortgage payment, etc.

Tonight it was the last meal and drink with my family.  I couldn’t help keep looking at the clock, 18.30, 19:00 the deadline is getting closer.

We had eaten and drank our fill.  Let’s get in a circle and hold hands, as the clock ticked, 23:59 and 3, 2, 1 we sung ‘should auld acquaintance be forgot and…..’  hang on, it’s 0:01hrs, what’s happened?  Is it just us left alive?  Or are we all dead?  This shouldn’t be happening; it’s the end of the world?  31st December 1999 turned in 1st January 2000 without incident.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha, I remember saying similar things at 0:01 on that new years.