Friday, 18 January 2013

Response 4: This song always reminds me Queen "Who Wants To Live Forever"

I never forget you not giving up on me.  Being my dad, my friend and whenever I fell over you picked me up.
This song was out when you left.  I miss you so so much and wish you were here. You held my hand when I was scared and didn’t stop cuddling me when I was sad.   I needed you then and need you now. I couldn’t go on in life without you there for guidance. I thought I wished I never knew you so it wouldn’t hurt so much.
You taught me to ride a bike, you taught me to drive. You were the one to teach me the lessons in life.  
Now however that I have my own child, I’m so grateful to have known you.  All the value lessons I learnt I now can use to be just as great daddy as you.

Thank you Dad.  

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  1. The winner, it was extremely difficult to pick a winner this week. All of the stories were of an extremely high standard - but something in this one jumped out at me.