Friday, 18 January 2013

Response 5: I wish it could be Christmas every day

I love Christmas, it’s always been such an exciting time of the year.  The first song to remind me it’s nearly Christmas has just come on the radio I wish it could be Christmas every da-aaay!  How lovely, erm hang on a minute actually, no, no I don’t!!  Could you imagine? Christmas - every day? Food shopping, present shopping, writing Christmas cards, getting cleaned up ready for the tree and decorations, getting the everything out of the attic!

When the snowman brings the snow??!!  No thanks it’s freezing, it’s wet, driving to work in the snow, other freakin drivers!

When the kids start singing and the bands begin to play.  Oh no the nativity at school, pretending you enjoy sitting there for two hours waiting for your child to come on, as a tree, for five minutes.

I’ve changed my mind; I’m waiting for Bryan Adams now, summer of 69!!

1 comment:

  1. This story made me laugh. I love Christmas, but you are correct, everyday would be a living nightmare! Very amusing.