Friday, 15 February 2013

Response 1: Hidden talents

“33” It was a glorious day and we were down at picnic rock, Sue, Lisa, Steve, Paul and me.
“62”, Steve exploded out of the water with an exaggerated gasp, “see, I knew I could beat a minute”.  “That’s because you spend your time breathing out your arse” Paul shouted, pulling his t-shirt over his head and belly flopping into the water. “I’ll show you, I’ve got a talent for this” as his head disappeared under the water.
“63” Steve had a look of thunder, Paul had stolen his glory.
“66” Something was wrong.  I jumped in and headed to the bottom.  Paul was frantically trying to release his foot from a half buried shopping trolley.  I reached in and pulled it free, we both rose to the surface like corks. 
I might not be able to hold my breath for a minute, but I can swim like a fish.

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  1. The winner!! This story made me keep reading to see what happened in the end. Well done.