Friday, 8 February 2013

Response 1: My story for the Daily News

I was seething with anger writing my piece for the paper.  Dan Jones was found dead clutching a soft toy, lying on his front in the snow.  As I gathered my evidence I found that his wife had sent him out in the terrible conditions to find the toy that her child had tossed out of her pram.  It wasn’t even his child!  I’m loathed to write ‘the grieving widow’ instead I prefer ‘the woman who sent him to his death’ but human nature being as it is prefers the sob story.

I left Angie Jones’ house after my interview and did a complete 180º, she was lovely.  How was I to know that some children need a comforter to go to sleep, I’d spent my life building my career, not raising children, perish the thought!

Two years later we were married and expecting a child of our own.

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  1. If only more reporters were as open minded. Liked the uplifting ending.