Friday, 8 February 2013

Response 4: Long ride home

It was always emotional saying goodbye to the folks, seeing them a few times a year was hard, but the real emotional part was the long drive home.

The trek across 15 states alone was enough to send anyone over the edge. To top it off the only cassette I had was Billy Joel- It was going to be a long ride.

Heading across town through North Dakota snow was falling fast, they weren’t joking when they warned about the worst blizzard in years!

Boredom must have got the better of me, I mean; I would never usually have picked one up would I!

This Hitchhiker was different; he was stuck in a blizzard for crying out loud who could blame me for letting him hop in? I should have listened to my common sense, this I realised as he pulled out his MAG-35, boy I hope it wasn’t loaded!

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  1. A gripping tale that nicely contrasts human kindness with evil. Let's hope good triumphs over evil.