Friday, 15 February 2013

Response 4: A loving touch

Kevin sneaked a peek out of the window. A horde of frenzied women were banging at the barricade trying to get to him. A dream scenario for every man, a nightmare for Kevin.

Standing in the playground surrounded by every girl in his class, Kevin’s first memories of his ‘burden’ were fond ones. It was all a game back then! During high school the girls got crazier- Kevin grew isolated, jealousy ate away at the other boys.

One touch, that was all it took. Skin contact with a girl, any girl caused her to fall in love with him.
Wrapping up in 10 layers of clothing and industrial strength gloves wasn’t ideal for everyday wear, but it was necessary.  Still, some accidental contact couldn’t be avoided.

A police helicopter landed outside. The female officer who frisked him thought he was wearing a bomb. Her colleagues had to pry her off.

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  1. A great fantasy story. I can see A bit of me in Kevin.