Friday, 8 March 2013

Response 1: Who wants to be a millionaire? - I DO!

My palms were sweating and I was only up to the £10,000 question.  Next Chris asked ‘Carl and the passions changed band name to what?’ My mind went blank.  Beatles? No can’t be, Rolling Stones? Nope, Beach boys? Maybe, Backstreet boys? Maybe.  I’m definitely not using a lifeline!  ‘C Beach Boys’ the audience roared, yes, next question Chris.  £20,000 to £250,000 questions passed easily.

The next question is worth £500,000, if you get this answer wrong you will lose £450,000 ‘What spirit is mixed with ginger beer to make a Moscow mule’ my favourite drink! I knew the answer was vodka before the options came up.  Ok so here is the question I’ve been waiting for, the question I came here to answer.  The £1,000,000 question – ‘Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?’ Of course the answer was Judas Escariot. To this day I will never know why I answered RVP. 

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  1. Ha ha very funny. I didnt see that ending coming.