Friday, 8 March 2013

Response 2: The quiz show

The quiz show. It’s a very broad church. Mastermind to Family Fortunes. The Chase to Who Wants to be a Millionaire. 321 to University Challenge. Jeremy Paxman to Les Dennis. Bamber Gascoyne to Dale Winton. Even something called Pointless, which seems, well, pointless.

The real point is, whatever the question is, it’s easy if you know the answer. Impossible if you don’t. There’s a  common supposition that it’s a mark of intelligence. Bollocks. You either know or you don’t. Cabbies win Mastermind – no offence, that ‘Knowledge’ takes some doing. However. What you need is a brain like a dustbin. A mind like a department store. A smorgasbord of generally useless facts.

Another point is that you don’t know how the Hell they got there. Or why. And why they’re still there. T’would be great if you could just empty your wastebasket like you do on your computer. Then again ….

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  1. Love it! This sounds like a snippet of a converastion that I have in my head!