Friday, 1 March 2013

Response 2: Spin the bottle

Hand trembling, Helen spun the bottle. The room was silent save for the scraping of the glass on the cold concrete floor and the occasional whimper from one of the remaining occupants.

There had been eight of them sat in a circle, bound with chains. A speaker above the door had blared into life 4 times so far instructing each of the girls to spin the bottle. All 4 had been dares and on each occasion, the chained girl was released, the door opened and the girl allowed to leave. Where to, who knew but it felt ominous.

The bottle stopped on truth. “Answer me this” the voice commanded, distorted beyond recognition.

“Have you ever taken away a man’s pride?”

Helen racked her brain, what’s the answer he wants to hear?

“No” she replied uncertainly.

“Liar!” he roared.

The lights went off.

Helen let out a final, blood curdling scream.

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  1. Great story, I wonder what she'd done?! Very intriguing.