Friday, 8 March 2013

Response 3: Quiz show changed my life forever

“Kelly Kelly, Do you understand you have just won 1 million pounds? You got the question right, congratulations!”

That moment my life changed forever, for better or for worst though that is the question…

I noticed my family changing, my brother started to steal money from me, my parents were arguing more and more over my money, I split up from my partner which he didn’t take well at all…

Before I could even stop to notice, my money had torn my family apart.

So in a nutshell my 1 million pounds led my brother to become a drug addict, my parents to get a divorce, my ex-partner to stalked me, kidnap me and hold me at ransom for days, to eventually end in him killing himself.

Money sure did change my life, but for the worst. when people say money can’t buy you happiness you had better believe it…

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  1. So so true. Sometimes the richest people in the world are the ones that have love and happiness.