Friday, 22 March 2013

Response 4: Endless love?

It never used to be like this.  My wife and I were child hood sweet hearts but here I found myself with a marriage councillor.
5 kids and a mortgage later, she hated the world including me.   

Why does she seem so angry with me all the time!!

So sitting here we’ve been asked to write down what we hate about each other. She never pleasures me anymore, never smiles; I hate your mother, don’t make an effort, and won’t let me go out. 

It was her turn now.  This’ll be good.  It’ll be I’m an irresponsible father and I have a drinking problem.  Her list will be endless.  

The councillor turns to her “so, what list of things have you written you hate about your husband”.  


She replied with, “I have one”

There’s a pause.


“I hate it that he doesn’t love me anymore”.


Oh. I wasn’t expecting that.  



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  1. A tragic tale with a clever and unexpected twist at the end. Well done, this week's WINNER!