Friday, 1 March 2013

Response 4: Liberation

Walking down the high street I felt the wind on my ankles, elements of doubt crept into my mind. Come on Jamie, pull yourself together, you’ve got a reputation to uphold. I couldn’t chicken out now, anyway I wouldn’t want to.

I held onto the string on my robe with a firm grasp as if I was never to let go.  I had to wait, to psyche myself up for this. Sure I had done dares in the past, this was more daring than anything I had done before!

Hannah had the camera rolling, it was now or never. Undoing my robe and throwing it to the ground, I felt almost liberated. Yes, I was naked, the public could see me and I had no shame! I felt alive, naked and without a single possession.

Yes, this truth or dare game is the story of how I became a nudist.

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  1. This one made me giggle, I hope it was during the Summer!