Friday, 1 March 2013

Response 5: Late night confessions

It came to James turn next.
"So James, have you slept with anyone in the room?"
It was 2.00 in the morning, and everyone was sitting in James living room with his mate's and their girlfriends.
10 pints of lager and someone’s drunken idea to play or dare, he found himself sitting there staring into space.  His body just froze.
He knew what the answer was for this question.

He thought not to cause a late night domestic he would go for dare.

As he was about to say dare, he heard himself say truth.
He didn't know why he said it, this will finish the night in one almighty brawl.
As everyone leaned in, ears pricked up.
On of his mates abruptly said, “well go on, who have you slept with here?".
James heard himself speak again as if he was having an outer body experience.
"It was Darren".

1 comment:

  1. Haha loved it! I think we have all know times when people say things they shouldn't after too much alcohol...the winner!