Friday, 8 March 2013

Response 5: The money question

My mind was blank.

I looked up from my feet, searching for something in the eyes of the faces staring at me.

Your answer?

I felt like I was sweating from every pore, my heart straining to burst out of my chest.

Bowing my head I looked back down at my shoes and tried to take a deep breath, the air felt like treacle.

Your answer, please?

I had attracted a lot of attention, becoming a bit of a celebrity.  Everyone had wanted to watch this event; they had crammed them in in like sardines.  The air was stifling.

I have to hurry you, Mrs Potter”

So here was the question of my life.

I wondered again why I was here. My husband had begged me to, and I had always struggled to say no to him.

Especially when he was so ill.

Did you kill your husband Mrs Potter?


  1. Thinking out of the box with the subject this week, a great idea.

  2. The Winner!!!!!! Great story.