Friday, 15 March 2013

Response 6: The first step

‘To begin is to be halfway there.’

A saying that has kicked me up the arse many times throughout my life. That first gym session, that first lick of paint, that first paragraph. That saying has pushed me into doing things I’d put off for so long. Because of that saying – I am now thinner and fitter, my house is painted from top to bottom, and my dissertation is finally done. Shit. But done.

I just need to take that first step – the rest will sort itself.

So why, stood here, alone, in the cold and rain, am I finding it so hard? It’s easy. Just do it. Take that first step.

Do it.

I do it. I push through the double doors, walk towards all those expectant faces, staring at me, and say those important words that will change my life forever.

‘My name’s Dave and I’m an alcoholic.’

1 comment:

  1. 'To begin is to be halfway there', I'll be using that one! Great tale of perserverance.