Friday, 1 March 2013

Response 6: I always chose dare

‘I dare you to pinch a pen from Miss’s desk’ that voice again, this one was easy.  I walked up to her desk and just took one, I did it!  It was such a thrill, I didn’t get caught.

Everything I did was a game of truth or dare, I always chose dare.  Each time I arrived home with my stolen booty it was thrilling.  This is too easy I told the voice, challenge me.  Ok the voice said, steal a car, easy.  Drive off from the petrol station without paying, easy.  Drive into the river, bit more difficult but ok.  As the car started to fill up with water the voice said, ‘I dare you to wait five minutes before you get out’ …….211,212,213,214,215….I kicked the door, it wouldn’t open, I pulled at the seatbelt, no good.  I could hear the voice laughing as I took my last breath.

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  1. Oh no! It's not a good idea to listen to the voices in your head ;)