Friday, 8 March 2013

Response 6: Quiz show

‘I’m gonna apply’ shrieked Jess, spilling Jake’s beer and waking him from his daydream.

‘Huh?’ dribbled Jake, perving, as usual, over all the girls on ‘Take Me Out’.

‘I, Jessica Johnson, am going to apply to be on ITVs Take Me Out!’

‘You?!’ Laughed Jake; spitting Carlsberg into Jess’s eye.

‘Yes – why? What’s so funny?’ Questioned Jess, trying to work out if she was insulted or complemented. Though coming from Jake it was more than likely intended to insult.

‘It’s just.....’

‘Yes?!?’ Jess pursued

‘Well, it’s just; you’re too, too.....’

‘Too what Jake?’ hissed Jess. She’d grown to love Saturday nights with Jake, and if she was honest, she’d grown to love Jake too!


‘Spit it out! I’m too what? Fat? Ugly? Boring?!! Come on Jake. You don’t think I’m attractive enough do you?’

‘No actually’ answered Jake. ‘I was gonna say –

You’re too intelligent and far too beautiful.’

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  1. Ah,a great story!! Sounds like Saturady nights will get even more fun for Jess from now.