Friday, 26 April 2013

Response 1: Mental Block?

The voices in my head chitter, chatter,

burn it, smash it, break it, no matter

as I haven’t left the house in decades,

agoraphobia locks the doors and shades

pulled down to keep out the fear,

no one to point and shout and sneer

as I scrub and dust and clean

imaginary dirt and germs within.

Torrettes cause eruptions from my lips,

F&*k it, F&*k it, F&*k it, T#ts.

Tics and twitches cause my insomnia,

Doctors suggested trying yoga!

Anxiety chews like a rat in my mind,

harder to concentrate, I find

the room starts to spin as I struggle to breathe,

I need a paper bag, in frustration I seethe

at my unorganised brain as I try to remember

where I had seen one last, I cry out in anger.

It starts to go black as I go into shock,

I guess you could call this a mental block.


1 comment:

  1. Delightful rhyme. Must have taken some time! :-)