Friday, 5 April 2013

Response 1: No love lost

“Knock it off you old bat!”

The morning greetings had gone downhill after 40 years of marriage, and Ernie had never been one to mince his words.

“Go on keep sipping your tea like a donkey bitch, turning into that mother of yours.”

Placing down cuppa I smiled, Ernie wasn’t getting to me, not today. To all intents and  purposes, we were living the normal functioning marriage, hatred and bitterness sprinkled with a little regret.

All those wasted years passed by with nothing to show but a hip replacement and a garage extension.
Sitting down to tea, the usual silence followed- crickets in the garden could be heard having more fun.

“This soup is cold, and the dumplings are dried up, like you.”

When Ernie’s head hit the table I took a sigh of relief, finally out of my mystery. He wasn’t expecting Rat poison to be on tonight’s menu. 

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  1. Revenge is a meal best served cold me thinks.