Friday, 12 April 2013

Response 1: Stuck in a maze

I’ve got to get out of this place!

I’ve been running round these small passages for ten minutes, twisting and turning, doubling back when I hit a dead end. Every route looks identical; the plain white walls and unblemished floor make it impossible to get my bearings.

My heart’s pounding with fear. The voices overhead spur me on. I recall all too well the price of failure, this being the third time I’ve negotiated this horrific maze this week. The first time was hopeless; I felt like I was running in circles. And then came the pain, electricity soaring through my body. Things got better second time round. I ran faster but still got zapped before I got out.

I turn a corner and see daylight. Success at last!

The scientist nods approvingly. He lifts me out, feeds me a piece of cheese and pops me back in my cage.


  1. aw so sad....

  2. WINNER - Great twist ending. Applying human emotion and thought to a lab mouse makes for a really interesting take on the theme. Worthy winner.