Friday, 12 April 2013

Response 2: I have to get out of here

Finally my agent has pulled his finger out of his arse and I've got a casting.
My first one.
Could this be it?
I could be the next Ewan McGregor, or Gerard Butler.
Though, mustn't get ahead of myself. It's just a commercial for Natwest. Still, wouldn't mind being that Halifax man. Bet he's worth a few quid these days.

Shit. I'm here.

'Steve Jones. Here for the Natwest audition.'

I've been handed a piece of paper with a 'script' on it.

You and your girlfriend are looking at engagement rings.

Ace. I get to play opposite a real life woman. Hope she's fit. Not had a shag since that bitch, Alison Baker left me last year.

She is looking at the most expensive rings. You spot Natwest opposite the jewelers and look at their loans.

Steve Jones? You'll be working opposite Alison Baker. She's running a bit late.



  1. ha ha muppet!

  2. Haha. Sods law is in full effect in this tale. Good story.