Friday, 5 April 2013

Response 2: Who’s coming for tea?

“Tommy, come on in love, we’re having sausages.  Don’t forget to wash your hands”. Sausages! My stomach growled at the thought, we hadn’t had meat for so long.

I had first seen Lucy a couple of weeks ago, she was messing about on the Common with her chubby brother, but he wasn’t here today.

There hadn’t been any children around here for such a long time.  Not since the famine.   It had taken all my courage to approach her, I was sure she could sense my fear.  Now we’re the best of friends.

I had asked Mum if we could have her for tea this morning.  Dad had sniggered under his breath, obviously some private joke.  “I don’t think that’s appropriate Tommy” Mum said cryptically.  Sometimes I have no idea what my parents mean.

“Tommy! Come in and stop playing with your food, she’s going to slaughter later today”.


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  1. Good story. I'm guessing in times of famine, when all of the vegetables, cows, sheep, dogs and badgers have been eaten; then what else is there to eat.