Friday, 5 April 2013

Response 3: Two for Tea, Complicated Three

“Lucy! We have to meet. I have news…”

Lizzie’s phone call was SO excited. It was nice to hear that tone in her voice again. It was also nice to have a reason to meet. Since I met John, I had neglected everyone. I knew it was bad but we were in that honeymoon period.

We agreed to meet at a tearoom. Ladies doing lunch with the added clink of teapots and cups sounded lovely. John even agreed to meet us.

“I’ve met someone…”

She blurted it out. From there she told me he was called Sean, they met online, they’d been on 2 dates, they’d had sex and she had a feeling he was “a keeper”. I was so happy for her.

Our fevered conversation was so engrossing. We didn’t even notice John approach us. I lifted my eyes to see him and stood to kiss him passionately.



  1. Ah, I wanst expecting that. A great twist at the end.

  2. The Winner!!!!!!! Well done.