Friday, 26 April 2013

Response 4: One of life's struggles

Mental blocks come at the worst times.  Like last Saturday afternoon me and my lovely wife of 40 years were walking down the high street and see another bloke walking towards us, big smile, staring straight us.

“John! Hello mate, how are you?”

Uh oh, he knows my name, but I have no idea what his name is!  

As he chats at me, I’m nervously smiling back.  Is it Frank? Carl?   He’s talking about my kids, he knows our family!  This is embarrassing I think he knows I don’t remember. 

Luckily for me, the good old wife steps in and deflects the conversation back on him.

“And how’s your kids, Gary?”

Gary?? Now I am lost. 

“The kids are great thanks.  How are you coping?”

“I’m coping ok thanks, John has ups and down days with his Alzheimer’s”

Now I remember why I don’t remember him. I have Alzheimer’s disease...


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  1. Loved the take on the theme and the way the story was delivered. Didnt see the ending coming. WINNER!