Friday, 5 April 2013

Response 5: Tea time surprise

Sunday afternoons were Clara’s favourite part of the week. It was the one time the whole family got together round a table, eating, drinking, sharing stories and laughing. Mother was quite strict about what the kids were allowed to eat; sweet stuff was usually reserved for exceptional behaviour and special occasions. But on Sundays the fizzy pop flowed, the jam sandwiches were plentiful and the assortment of cakes were piled high. Happy days!

Mummy walked in with a tray of chocolate eclairs, Clara’s favourite.

“Take one and pass it round dear” she instructed.

One by one the cakes were depleted as the tray made its way round the long table.

“What about daddy?” Clara asked.

The table fell silent.

“Daddy’s in heaven” mummy explained softly. “We spoke about this, remember?”

“No he’s not, he’s sitting right there.” Clara protested, pointing at the empty seat at the head of the table.

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  1. I wondered where this was going. Great story.